Dedicated Development

Kanwat Infotech offers an apt dedicated development center that works towards the specific needs of your project, thus allowing you to focus on your core business and grow. With our flexible engagement models, and a complete understanding of your app needs, we strategically partner with you to reduce operating costs and improve productivity levels in your organization.

The Dedicated Development Center is basically an extension of your app capabilities. A dedicated team of app experts works on specific project requirements posed by your company so that you can work on your core business.

We have devised a model that allows you complete control over the evolving app requirements, R&D approaches taken, testing, maintenance and other complex aspects of app development. Our strategic alliance takes custom app development to the next high level. The dedicated development team consists of members dedicated towards your projects, and they are aligned to match your processes and methodologies while keeping in mind the end goals you aim to achieve.

Our aim is to offer you complete control over your Android app development while freeing your in-house resources to be able to work on your business requirements. The team offers complete support and is capable of handling complex projects that different in their scalability requirements. We offer best-in-class and emerging mobile app infrastructure support to help meet your requirements.