Transportation and Logistics Software

We believe in building unique solutions to help transportation and logistics seamless and make management easy. Our solutions are unique and customized to suit your requirements. Our flexible engagement model is devised to give you support and help you project your solutions in an easy and convenient manner. We improve asset and inventory visibility and help track traffic and fleet with easy to handle mobile devices. Our expert workforce helps you with scalable and result-oriented logistics and transportation management.,

We build innovation in your enterprise to increase your profits by multiple manifolds. If you want mobility solution to increase profits for your logistics and transportation company, connect with us with your requirement.


Automation: With mobile apps for transportation and logistics, you can automate the manual processes. Eliminate use of paper with instant and real-time mobile reports. This makes data capturing and reporting easy and real-time, thus making analysis quick and easy

Easy Tracking: With mobile solutions, you can dynamically track the cargo, thus getting real-time visibility on your shipment. You can track accurately, second-by-second thus allowing to identify issues and correct them as it happens

Management made Easy: Managing multiple cargos, and handling the congestion is made easy with the software solutions. Everything happens at a click, giving you remote accessibility. The management of freight, and the requisite inventory and asset management is made easy and occurs in real-time

Integrated Efforts: The different systems within the organization that deals with shipment and cargo tracking and dispatch as well as logistics and transportation are integrated. This makes communication easy, and the integrated efforts leads to streamlined processes and well-defined output

Flexible Delivery: With the software solutions, you can change the delivery schedules as well as the routes of the shipment while it is in-flight. This gives flexibility to the customers While increasing control on the supply chain, this creates opportunities for partnership between logistics provider and customer. Scheduling and customizing as per customer needs is made possible