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Kanwat Infotech is growing IT Company, the requirement of resources is imperative. Our Industrial Training program duration will be , this program offers industry specific job oriented courses encompassing spheres like Robotic, Android and phone applications, and web development in any platform like Java, .Net & PHP. We're the leading Company that comes with a goal of making students skilled and employable based on changing industry needs. Training Program is designed by Kanwat InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. experts to empower students with Industrial Knowledge in the particular domain of training. The objective of this program is to impart a quality education to students which will help them convert their theoretical knowledge and fundamentals into practice and innovate new ideas and explore them with their own free will and space. Our training programs help students to visualize things before actually working on it. Focused on excellence, expertise along with an exciting environment to our enthusiastic students, who are eager to learn and experiment in their chosen field. Nevertheless, Kanwat Infotech Pvt Ltd is a hub for enthusiastic engineers who wish to apply for internship/project development. Any student from any stream can come forward and enroll himself in our project-oriented training program.



java/javafx training

Java/ JavaFX

KanwatInfotech Pvt Ltd. JavaFX Training helps to gain complete knowledge on creating and delivering desktop applications in JavaFX projects, JavaFX Architecture, Deployment, Working with UI Controls, frameworks, Nodes in the JavaFX Scenegraph.....

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php/mysql training


Kanwat Infotech Pvt Ltd PHP training company developed the module for PHP Course keeping in mind, the future belongs to open source. PHP is a general-purpose, server-side scripting language ..

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web desgin training

Web Desgin

Web designing requires a lot of creativity while working on it and the people who work on it surely requires a lot of practice and concentration. Also, you can pursue a professional training in order to get some help whole doing the web designing...

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iot training


This IOT Training is meant to be an exhaustive introduction to the fascinating world of devices connected to each other through internet commonly referred to as Internet of Things. Separating the hype and reality,.....

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python training


Get start your career in technology with python from one of the best python training in Jaipur - kanwat infotech Pvt.Ltd . Python is most popular language because of its usability in the software industry. If you looking for job in IT industry as a programmer.....

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