Payment Gateways and Anti-Fraud Systems

A payment gateway is an online service provided by software companies in collaboration with financial service providers like Visa and Master Card that enables a website to accept electronic payments. In India payment gateways are offered by private banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Yes Bank, . A payment gateway comprises of a secured encrypted connection created between your web portal and the commercial bank. It enables a business to get money into it’s chosen bank account through different channels like credit card, debit card, internet banking, prepaid cards and mobile wallets.


Our comapny  payment gateway checks and validates online transactions. It protects merchants and customers from flagrant instances of fraud.



Our company want to Anyone with basic computer knowledge can perform business transactions using payment gateways. No need to go through any costly training or learn elaborate setup. It’s simple and easy.. Everybody can use it.



A merchant can immediately utilize payment gateway service for his/her online store. He need not wait for agonizing time to complete the payment gateway setup in his business. He can avail it in the quickest time possible.


Internet payment gateways offer lots of customizable features that could greatly benefit merchants and customers alike. There are security features, payment option choices, card features, etc…You may turn on all these features or select only the ones that best serve your type of business